In this blog, we will look at a kubernetes feature which is intended to improve security for applications running in a cluster

In a kubernetes cluster, we can run many applications with multiple replicas for each application. By default, any pods can talk to any other pods running in the same cluster.

Communication between different pods in cluster

But it is not recommended to allow such feature to be in place. In case an intruder get access to a pod, then he/she can access all pods from inside that compromised pod. …

Kubernetes has become a market leader in container orchestration tools. According to the 2019 CNCF survey, 78% of respondents are using Kubernetes in production, a huge jump from 58% last year

While containers have become the norm for deploying applications, kubernetes has become the norm for container management.

DoS in Kubernetes cluster

Consider a Kubernetes cluster with 3 worker nodes having a memory of 10GB each. Suppose the developers end up deploying some pods by mistake which consumes almost all the cpu and memory available in the node. Hence causing resource contention in the others application pods which serves traffic from consumers. …

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This is my first blog and I want to share my learnings about containers

Container adoption to run enterprise applications softwares in production has been increasing drastically nowadays. And most of the container deployments are using docker. Docker became the de-facto technology for running containerised applications. But what is docker built on? How it is containerising the applications? I will try to answer these questions in this article.

Need for the Container

Before getting into containers, let’s clearly understand what a process is?

A process is created when a program is put into execution.

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